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Ask Jeff

Dear Jeff,

Right now, there's a huge pro-McCain banner hanging from the KA section. Don't you think it's a bit late for that?

—A. Liberal, Few quad

Dear Liberal,

You're one to talk, considering that half of you liberals are still sporting Kerry-Edwards bumper stickers on your Priuses (or is it Prii?). At any rate, I'm not sure it's as overtly political as you suggest. Considering that, so far, the stock market has reacted to the Obama administration in about the same way that my sinuses react to pollen in April, perhaps they're just trying to extend an olive branch to all the future bankers out there.

Dear Jeff,

Why is there such a fuss over Obama being the first black president, but none over, say, Colin Powell being the first black secretary of state?

—Miffed Conservative

Dear Miffed,

Do you want to listen to Jay-Z rapping, "My secretary of state is black, but his secretary of state's office is white"? I rest my case.

Dear Jeff,

Why did Duke and most of Durham close down due to a couple inches of snow this past Monday? When I was growing up in Massachusetts, we walked 20 miles through the snow to school, uphill both ways, and we liked it.

—Aggrieved Yankee

Dear Aggrieved,

This is a common misconception among Yankees. You are correct that the small amount of snow we got, by itself, did not justify the wave of cancellations. However, once combined with North Carolina drivers, even a little snow can become a catastrophe.

Dear Jeff,

What are your thoughts regarding the global economic crisis and its effect on the future of the European Union, especially the Scandinavian countries?

—Swedish Supermodel

Dear Supermodel,

The economic crisis is much too complicated to explain thoroughly in a forum like this blog. Why don't you stop by my dorm some time, so we can talk about it in more detail?


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