I Got A Fever, And Not Just For Basketball

So in a mad stroke of desperation, I am appealing to you, dear Sports Blog readers.

While my classmates are out in K-ville reveling in basketball fever, I am home on my couch recovering from a real-life one. As you may have read in my column last Wednesday, I was unable to register a tent for this year's Duke-UNC game. So Plan B was to get in the walk-up line with a friend. That plan failed miserably, though, when I fell ill. Consequently, I am resorting to Plan C, which is to share with you some of my reflections on three years of Duke-UNC memories in Cameron, hoping that someone, somewhere will read this and want me to write a column about watching this game with his or her tickets. I think I can offer a unique perspective, as someone who dedicated most of her waking hours in college to providing news coverage of this team.

Let's start with freshman year: A good year for basketball thanks to J.J. and Shelden, not such a hot one for my professionalism. (Thank god you can't find the video of me singing online anymore). The Duke-UNC game in Cameron that season, though, not so satisfying. My friends and I were in Tent 15—though 13 by game day—and I couldn't believe how cool a Duke-UNC game in Cameron could be. Then, if you remember, UNC's freshmen outscored Duke's seniors 55-51 on, well, Senior night, en route to an 83-76 upset of the No. 1 Blue Devils. More on my thoughts on that game and how it contributes to tonight's matchup in my column tomorrow.

Sophomore year: Duke put up a great first half against the Tar Heels. Jon Scheyer was en fuego, as Dan Patrick would say, but the spark only lasted so long. Blue Devils lose 79-73. Again, I'm in Cameron and heartbroken.

Junior year: As sports editor of The Chronicle, I appeared on ESPN's morning talk show, First Take, to debate my Daily Tar Heel counterpart. The video of said debate is no longer online, but everyone tells me I won handily. I also may or may not have inadvertently used the term "Tar Hole"  on live national television. I covered the game last year, and I have to say it was one of the coolest experiences of my life. I remember walking out on to the floor before tipoff and just feeling energy like I've never felt before. Regardless of the game's outcome (which I guess, is good considering it was another Duke loss), I forever will be grateful for the opportunity to sit centercourt, press row in Cameron Indoor Stadium to write about one of the greatest rivalries in all of sport. Not too shabby.

That brings me to my senior year, folks. I'm in danger of missing my first Duke-UNC game in Cameron and my last shot at a win. I've spent countless hours covering this team and all of Duke Athletics. So if some benevolent Duke fan is out there, I'll be here... or maybe strategizing ways to sneak into this game. I can't imagine missing it.

Have tickets? E-mail meredith.shiner@duke.edu.


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