Good Times Return For The Twitterati

The Twitterati were sad after Duke's loss to Wake Forest Thursday. But don't fret! Everyone was happy again after the Blue Devils re-found their form Sunday at home.

Maggette brings up an interesting storyline that is sure to be ignored in most dispatches from Cameron: Miles Plumlee and Elliot Williams combined for 24 minutes and 10 points. Mike Krzyzewski hasn't offered them much time this year, but they seemed to make the most of it against the Cavaliers. Not sure we agree with the fact that they will be contributors, though—especially this year.

Ellington is pretty good, Sandra, but you're right: Henderson has been better since Duke's loss to Michigan Dec. 6. In fact, why isn't he getting more love for ACC Player of the Year?

I don't think anything good can come of commenting on this one, Yod.

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