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Children are overrated

(braden hendricks)Well, OK, not really, but this whole thing with the octuplets needs to blow over, and quickly. I mean, medical miracles aside, why should I care? In fact, I don't know which is worse: the fact that everyone is making such a big deal of eight children being born together, or that the media is making a fuss over how public opinion has shifted from favoring this clearly insane "super mom" to deriding her because she happened to have six children previously (all under seven years of age).

Heck, it's none of my business is it? If  Nadya Suleman wants to go having enough children to populate a small nation, then that's her deal. I can't even begin to comprehend her actions, since by every account I've ever heard, the actual process of giving birth is not in the least bit enjoyable, but if some lady wants to do it 14 times in seven years, then be my guest.

The world was awed briefly by all this, but then it was revealed that the single mother may not necessarily be up to the task of raising 14 kids. Doctors and psychologists say now that with this many children, many serious things are sure to arise, ranging from developmental and learning disabilities to huge costs incurred for medical bills and schooling. To me, while these issues merit some concern, it does seem a shame to throw all of this negativity towards Suleman. After all, children are miracles, or so I've heard. As these kids are growing up, they'll likely be exposed to undue amounts of attention and speculation from these people who keep rambling on about the subject, thereby potentiall harming the little tykes even further.

In all honesty, we should be thankful for this event in that it has brought to life part of one of America's favorite shows: the Nahasapeemapetilon family from The Simpsons (Suleman joins real life Homer Simpson Jim Belushi in that regard). Personally, I'm all for cartoons coming to life.

You know, now that I think about it, there are a lot of things that can be done with eight kids. For example, if you had eight children you could train them to be commandos and then take over Canada (that's all it would take to defeat their military), or maybe just start a musical supergroup that would surpass even the Jackson 5. These kids could be The 8 Suleman Sultans, or something. It would be great, I swear.


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