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Today in the N&O

Raleigh's News & Observer ran a couple stories in today's paper expanding on some things we've been covering on our blog. First, they posted a brief story about Harrison Haynes and Casey Cook's drum performance "LRLL RLRR" that included a video.

They also have an interesting profile of the man behind the forthcoming Full Steam Brewery, Sean Wilson. The article touts Wilson as a one-man force who will not only redefine beer for the state, but also make North Carolina a haven for beer fans.

If his experiment works, he will have given the state a signature drink, a beer as synonymous with North Carolina as Anchor Steam is to San Francisco.

"We want to create something that's distinctively Southern, that's us, that lays claim to this region that we love," said Wilson, 38.

In other Full Steam news, the brewers are on their way to becoming a full-fledged brewer having recently acquired some major equipment and pushing even closer to their fundraising goal. It looks like 2009 might be Durham's best year in beer.


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