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Times Square Virgin Records to Close

(Via Stereogum) I absolutely abhor Times Square. I think it is an insult to Manhattan. Even though I've never stepped foot inside the Times Square Virgin Records Megastore, I found it a little sad that the store is set to close. I remember seeing it during the height of TRL in the Carson Daly day. To me, it's an icon of the teeny bopper era of the late 90s when 'NSync was selling five million albums a week. 

Even though it was probably a soulless place that wouldn't have a lot of the records I want, it serves as a reminder of why places like CD Alley in Chapel Hill, Chaz's Bull City Records and the now-closed School Kids are so great. It's trite at this point to extol the virtues of the independent record shop, and the industry is certainly moving away from the physical record store. But I'm still tempted to get off my lazy posterior and finally head over to BCR to pick up those albums I've been wanting for a while.


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