Gaza debate reaches all the way to Duke

As The Chronicle reported Friday, campus religious leaders are calling for unity and friendship  as the Jewish and Muslim communities at Duke respond to most recent violent-flare up in the Middle East.

Perhaps the most visible evidence of clashing viewpoints are the color flyers (you might find these objectionable as they contain some graphic images) that have appeared on campus in the past few days advertising choice facts about the conflict and publicizing the "Vigil for Gaza" that took place this Friday, sponsored by the Muslim Students Association and the Arab Students Organization.

View the posters after the jump.


Gaza Flyers 2

Duke Friends of Israel for its part has also has said that it will begin it's own counter-campaign to educate the student body about the Israeli side of the issue. The following fliers were sent through the DFI listserv, although they seem tohave not yet posted.

Duke Friends of Israel Poster

Duke Friends of Israel Poster 2


Check out what The Chronicle's coverage of what Syrian ambassador Imad Moustapha had to say about the conflict in Gaza in today's paper.


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