Rocco DiSpirito takes heat

The Times has an interesting piece about chef-turned-TV-star Rocco DiSpirito concerning his move away from the kitchen and into the limelight.

“He’s almost gotten to the point where people in the food world feel sorry for him and want him back,” said Michael Ruhlman, a cookbook author who has written for The New York Times. “He’s this really brilliant guy, foodwise, who’s forsaken everything that he’s good at for something that he’s not good at. And that makes me really sad.”

As interesting as DiSpirito is, Jeff Gordinier manages to capture the oddity that is the chef. PBS made celebrities out of the likes of Julia Child, but when did we move from PBS to Rachel Ray? Chefs are no longer mythic figures who exist in white smocks behind swinging, silver doors. They are celebrities and Paparazzi objects. But where's my crème brûlée?


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