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Hasbro's reinvented Baby Alive is one of the hottest selling toys of the Christmas season. The toy is one of many that, when fed, produces fecal matter just like a real baby and announces, "I made a stinky." The Washington Post ran a story about the dolls today, exploring shoppers reaction and whether or not the stifle creativity.

But at a Target not far away, Gay Hee Lee, shopping for her 2-year-old niece, picked the Baby Alive box off the shelf only to quickly put it back. "That," she said, "is just so wrong."

Perhaps here is where one needs to ask a question: Does a toilet -- and what one uses it for -- make a good toy?

And, given the boundaries of good taste, is it even a good idea?

The New Republic's associate editor Eve Fairbanks weighed in on the doll in her video at TNRtv. Even if Baby Alive is disgusting--and it is--I can kind of understand as an anti-teenage pregnancy tool. Parenting is hard. Plant the seed early, right?

But what really gets is me is this: on the Stranger's Slog, Paul Constant posted this pooping Obama doll, one of the hottest selling items in Barcelona right now. That's just weird. 

When did poop become so cool?


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