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The Fader's Listmania

The Fader has just posted part one of its year-end "Listmania 2008," which offers something a little bit more unconvential than most year-in-review lists. Some of the best rankings include:

Top Five Band Names That Consist Primarily of Gender References

5. Man Man

4. She and Him

3. Me and Women

2. Women

1. Girls

There are also three different lists pertaining exclusively to Lil Wayne. Among them:

Top Ten Things Lil Wayne Doesn’t Do, According to Lil Wayne On Tha Carter III

10. Owe you, like two vowels

9. Rap, he films movies

8. Fantasize

7. Have to get his tooth fixed

6. Write sh-t, cuz he ain't got time

5. Have the answer

4. Wanna finish

3. Know what you are on

2. Give a f-ck if you see him

1. Care

They also remind us of Vampire Weekend frontman Ezra Koenig's college blog and their favorite tertiary characters from The Wire. For the rest of the post, check here.

UPDATE: Check out part two here.


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