Dan Bejar's Top 10

Pitchfork called on some of the most notorious artists in music to assemble their own top 10 lists for 2008. The lists are varied, with some surprising picks. Justin Vernon, an ex-pat of the Triangle, included Raleigh bands Bowerbirds and the Rosebuds plus Vernon's former DeYarmond Edison bandmates now know as Megafaun from Durham.

But by far the best list comes from Destroyer's Dan Bejar. It's probably better to call the list top 10 Dan Bejar probably liked:

5. Cat Power: Jukebox (The band is really really good, the production super-classy, and I'm really starting to get into her singing, the way she throws her voice around, you know, like Bob Dylan...people say this is too adult contemporary or something, but to me that's just code word for "70s"...don't really like a lot of the songs, but whatever...)

6. Sun Kil MoonApril

Haven't heard it, but I generally enjoy this man's work.

A well researched list indeed. As a side note, in the four pages of lists, not a single artist mentioned Bejar's Trouble in Dreams from 2008.


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