LIVE BLOG: Wake Forest 33 - Duke 30 (FINAL-OT)

FIRST OVERTIME, Wake Forest 33 - Duke 30: On second down, Lewis had a wide open Riley down the right seam, but took too long to throw it and floated it when he did. Alphonso Smith came from the right sideline and made a great interception at the ball's highest point to end the game. Final.

FIRST OVERTIME, Wake Forest 33 - Duke 30: The Blue Devils win the toss and elect to play defense first. Wake Forest takes over at the Duke 25. An incomplete pass and a rush for no gain, and the Demon Deacons quickly face their first obstacle of the overtime period. In a ridiculous play, Skinner narrowly escapes a sack, then throws into double coverage where cornerback Glenn Williams had a beat on it. But he missed the catch, and wideout Devon Brown came up with the deflection for a Wake Forest first down. Two plays later, though, and again the Demon Deacons line up for a long third down, this time needing eight yards. Skinner drops back and has all the time in the world, but nobody is open downfield and Skinner takes off. But Duke's defense collapses quickly, stopping him short and forcing a 28-yard field. It's good. Duke's turn to answer.

FOURTH QUARTER 0:00, Wake Forest 30 - Duke 30: The Blue Devils run it up the gut a few times to try to get closer, and Tony Jackson centers it with a run to his left. With two seconds left, Duke has a 41-yard field goal separating it from its fifth win of the year. Maggio's kick, just another in a litany of special teams' errors today, sails wide right. Overtime.

FOURTH QUARTER 1:20, Wake Forest 30 - Duke 30: Duke moves the ball downfield, then come up against a third-and-three from the Wake Forest 34. The right play is called, as Austin Kelly frees himself up by the right sideline with enough room ahead of him for a first down, but he drops the pass from Lewis. Duke takes a timeout to consider its options. Then, on fourth-and-three, Lewis takes the snap from the shotgun, the offensive line picks up the blitz and Lewis threads a quick-hitter over the middle to Riley for a first down. Duke first down from the 29-yard line.

FOURTH QUARTER 3:14, Wake Forest 30 - Duke 30: The Demon Deacons go virtually nowhere with their first two plays of their next drive. On third-and-seven, Skinner goes deep down the left sideline to Marshall Williams for a 36-yard gain to the Duke 38. The Blue Devils forced Wake Forest into another third down play, but Duke answered the challenge by stuffing a screen pass out to Boldin for a loss of two. Fourth-and-six, perhaps the defining play of this game, and Wake Forest tries to hit Williams on a corner route deep, but Chris Rwabukamba, the hero of last week's game against Vanderbilt for his interception in the game's closing seconds, breaks the pass up.

FOURTH QUARTER 6:48, Wake Forest 30 - Duke 30: After Wake Forest's third unnecessary roughness penalty of the day on the ensuing kickoff, Duke takes over on the Demon Deacon 45-yard line. After a steady dose of short-yardage gains, Hollingsworth drives Duke further into Wake Forest territory with a quick eight-yard burst up the middle for a first down at the 22. Two plays later, Lewis looks left for Riley, then looks right to Harris, who was running a wheel route from the middle of the field toward the sideline for a 20-yard touchdown -- the running back's second of the day. Seven plays, 45 yards.

FOURTH QUARTER 10:12, Wake Forest 30 - Duke 23: The Blue Devils secondary has shined this half. Skinner has consistently been able to escape the front-line pressure and buy himself more time, but on two consecutive plays he simply can't find anyone downfield. But Duke's special teams woes reared once more, as Varner muffs the punt and gives Wake Forest the ball back on the Blue Devil 33-yard line. A couple plays later, Skinner sits back comfortably in the pocket and waits for a long-developing route to open up, throwing a strike to D.J. Boldin around the five-yard line. Boldin then pushed his way into the endzone against two Duke defenders, giving Wake Forest the lead once more. Then the Demon Deacons take an important seven-point lead on a successful two-point conversion, when Boldin took a flat-pass from Skinner and wriggled out of tackle after tackle -- five Blue Devils got their hands on him in the space of a few yards -- and into the endzone. Two plays, 33 yards.

FOURTH QUARTER 12:23, Duke 23 - Wake Forest 22: After a pass interference on third-and-10 kept Duke's drive alive, Lewis went to the air big on the next play, bombing one to Riley down the left sideline to the Wake Forest 10-yard line. After two plays, Duke faced a third-and-goal from the five, and a Harris dive play from the shotgun got the Blue Devils down to the two-yard line. A 20-yard field goal from Nick Maggio puts Duke back on top. Seven plays, 68 yards.

THIRD QUARTER 1:22, Wake Forest 22 - Duke 20: In a gutsy move, the Blue Devils choose to go for an onside kick. When the dust settled, Duke had the ball, but the referees called a kick returner interference penalty on the Blue Devils. The Demon Deacons take over at the Duke 25, but three straight plays of shut-down defense forced Wake Forest to attempt a 44-yard field goal. Despite missing starting kicker Sam Swank, the Demon Deacons still knocked it through to take the lead right back, 22-20.

THIRD QUARTER 2:47, Duke 20 - Wake Forest 19: The Blue Devils force a three-and-out and take over at their own 30-yard line. After a screen pass is nearly intercepted by a Wake Forest defensive end, Lewis takes off on a designed keeper for 13 yards. A few plays later, Wake Forest committed a silly unnecessary roughness penalty that set up Duke at the 27-yard line. After several successful running plays from Jay Hollingsworth, head coach David Cutcliffe called his number again, and Hollingsworth charged straight through the middle of the Wake Forest defense for six yards and a touchdown. The Blue Devils take the lead, but they fail to convert on the two-point conversion. Ten plays, 70 yards.

THIRD QUARTER 7:24, Wake Forest 19 - Duke 14: Duke responded in less than two minutes, but it didn't come with out a scary moment. As Lewis scrambled out of a collapsing pocket, he looks way out to the flats and hurls a pass to what appeared to be a well-covered Clifford Harris. It seemed like a pick-six was imminent, but the Wake Forest cornerback misplayed it, allowing Harris to catch the ball and run untouched for a 33-yard touchdown. It was a big play considering Duke had done seemingly everything it could to ruin a great kickoff return by Jabari Marshall into Demon Deacon territory. A holding call and dropped pass on consecutive plays by Riley seemed like they might stall the drive, but the serendipitous pass from Lewis to Harris saved the drive, and vaulted Duke back into this contest.

THIRD QUARTER 8:45, Wake Forest 19 - Duke 7: Despite holding the Demon Deacons to a measly 29 yards on 20 carries in the first half, the Blue Devils showed some signs of vulnerability as Pendergrass breaks off a couple of eight- and nine-yard runs. On second-and-goal from the two-yard line, he bounced outside, then cuts back inside of two pursuing Duke linebackers and stretches out for a touchdown. Duke's offense will need to respond, as the defense cannot be expected to win this game by itself.

THIRD QUARTER 10:59, Wake Forest 12 - Duke 7: Wake Forest headed into Duke territory with a big 37-yard pass after a blown coverage assignment by Duke allowed tight end Andrew Parker to get behind Duke's secondary. But two plays later, Glenn Williams hit Skinner hard from behind as he tried to scramble out of the pocket, forcing a fumble that was recovered by Blue Devil Kenny Rucker. Duke squandered the potential momentum builder on the very next play, though, when Thaddeus Lewis wriggled out of a sack, then tried to throw over the ACC's best cornerback in Alphonso Smith for Riley. Smith came down with the interception and the Demon Deacons are right back where they started. Currently, Wake Forest is putting together a strong drive headed deep into Duke's territory, looking at a first-and-10 from the Blue Devils' 25-yard line.

HALFTIME, Wake Forest 12 - Duke 7: Not really sure what strategy Cutcliffe had in mind to end the half.  Duke had Wake Forest in a tough 3-and-15 situation on their own 30 yard line and stopped the conversion attempt, but the Blue Devils let the clock run down from 1:15 to :11 before using their first timeout of the half.  It is interesting that in such a close game, Duke would basically pass up on an opportunity to move the ball with over a minute left.  This game started off looking as if it would be a shootout, but as defenses have clamped down, this contest could be more of a grind-it-out type.

SECOND QUARTER 4:43, Wake Forest 12 - Duke 7: The Blue Devils had great starting field position after Lee Butler was interfered with on a punt return, resulting in a fifteen-yard penalty that pushed the ball to the Wake Forest 39 (Butler was hurt on the play).  But questionable play-calling followed as Duke ran two wide-receiver reverses consecutively.  The Demon Deacons snuffed both out rather easily, causing a combined 11-yard loss for the Blue Devils and costing Duke a real chance to catch up to Wake.

SECOND QUARTER 11:52, Wake Forest 12 - Duke 7: Even though the Demon Deacons had just 31-yards in between them and the endzone, they couldn't find pay dirt and had to settle for a 24-yard field goal instead.  Duke's defense tightened up and was able to keep the contest a one-score game, stuffing three consecutive run plays from instead the 10-yard line.

FIRST QUARTER 1:59, Wake Forest 9 - Duke 7: Safety. Duke failed to move the ball after the Demon Deacons' turnover-on-downs, and following the Blue Devils' 3-and-out, punter Kevin Jones was backed up into his own endzone. Wake Forest cornerback Alphonso Smith got a piece of the kick and Jones recovered in the endzone for the safety. On the ensuing Duke kickoff returner Andrew Wright zoomed past the Blue Devils all the way to the Duke 31-yard line, giving the Demon Deacons great field position yet again.

FIRST QUARTER 3:49, Wake Forest 7 - Duke 7: The Demon Deacons opened their second drive with a huge 47-yard completion to wide receiver D.J. Boldin (related to Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Anquan Boldin). But they squandered the big play after a questionable coaching call from Wake Forest head coach Jim Grobe. It was 4-and-3 from the five-yard line and instead of taking the points early by kicking the field goal, the Demon Deacons went for it. Skinner took off but was hit by safety Adrian Aye-Darko short of the first down. After review, the play stood as called. This could be a huge momentum swing for Duke.

FIRST QUARTER 7:00, Wake Forest 7 - Duke 7: After the game against Miami two weeks ago, head coach David Cutcliffe said he wanted to see who the real "responders" were on his football team. Well, it looks like Cutcliffe has plenty of "responders" to work with on offense. After the Blue Devils' disappointing fumble and Wake Forest touchdown, Duke put together an impressive 10-play, 74 yard scoring drive capped off by a 2-yard touchdown pass to Donovan Varner from backup quarterback Zack Asack. Let's see how Wake Forest handles normal starting field position on its next drive.

FIRST QUARTER 12:07, Wake Forest 7 - Duke 0: Well, it definitely wasn't the start that the Blue Devils were looking for.   Jabari Marshall fumbled the opening kickoff return and the Demon Deacons recovered at Duke's 22 yard line.  It took just six plays for Wake Forest to punch in the score on a Riley Skinner QB sneak from the one-yard line.  The Blue Devil run defense did not look good as running back Brandon Pendergrass gashed Duke for 17 yards on just three attempts.


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