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Can Democrats weather the weather? currently forecasts a 60 percent chance of rain tomorrow for Durham, NC. Is this bad news for Sen. Barack Obama and the rest of the Democratic ticket? Rain typically decreases turnout and at least one professor's study claims that inclement weather aids Republican candidates on Election Day.

But, according to, the overall national forecast is mild: "no major storms or extreme cold will have an impact on people waiting in line to vote on Tuesday, as lines will be long with record amounts of voters expected to turn out.... History says that Tuesday's forecast should favor Democratic candidate Barack Obama."

UPDATE: provides an updated and slightly more detailed overview of Tuesday's projected weather conditions in North Carolina.

North Carolina’s right-leaning coast looks to get the state’s worst weather, with 70 percent chance of rain forecast for the city of Wilmington. Meanwhile the Democratic precincts in the more Democratic-leaning Raleigh-Durham metro area have a 40 percent chance of rain. Obama and McCain are tied in North Carolina, according to RealClearPolitics’ average.

Perhaps the higher chance of rain in right-leaning areas as compared to left-leaning ones will cancel out the negative effect rain is said to have on Democrats' success. (This update was filed by Alex Klein.)


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