Be A Cameron Crazie, Earn $150

All undergraduates just received an e-mail from the sports promotion office offering $150 to any Duke student chosen by Coke Zero to be an accurate depiction of the Cameron Crazie. Make sense? Coke Zero is filming a commercial in Cameron Indoor Stadium Nov. 17, and it's calling for auditions Tuesday. All students are encouraged to dress up in typical fan garb, and any students chosen will be rewarded with $150 for their time. And here's the thing: Coke wants to actually fill the student section, meaning there should be room for about 1,200 students.

For those math-challenged English majors out there, that's $180,000 big ones.

On another note, this is just one of many Duke affiliations with Coke. The most prominent one is the bi-weekly Coke with Cut in which David Cutcliffe shares nachos and Coke Zeros with students.

Full e-mail after the jump.

Coke Zero is casting a national TV commercial featuring Duke's own CAMERON CRAZIES for March Madness to be filmed in CAMERON INDOOR STADIUM and they want YOU to be in it!! So call the number below to set up a time and come dressed in your best Cameron Crazies attire (face paint...the whole nine yards!) for a casting tomorrow in Card Gym. Everyone chosen for the shoot will be compensated $150! The understanding is that Coke Zero wants a whole Cameron Crazies student section for this commercial, so everyone has a chance at being selected. Details are listed below:

WHEN & WHERE: Casting will take place Tuesday, 11/11/08 in CARD GYM

PAY:  Everyone chosen will be compensated $150.00


Coke Zero is looking for Cameron Crazies/Blue Devil Fans! The more CRAZED the BETTER!! Accepting Males and Females, ages 18-25.


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