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Turns out that Duke Student Government is good for something: hooking up. RM is proud to reveal, courtesy of its sources, the engagement of former DSG president Paul Slattery, Trinity '08 and Gina Ireland, Trinity '08.

The pale pair undoubtedly bonded over many late nights wrestling over parliamentary positions and the like.

Afro-ed Slattery, a DSG outsider who was swept into the president's office on the coattails of BFFL Elliott Wolf, Trinity '08, proposed in early October, though a date has not yet been set, sources say.

Ireland was vice president for academic affairs, a position currently held by junior Chelsea Goldstein under current president Jordan Giordano, a senior. RM hopes to be on their invitation list when the time comes.

Dining has been a mixed bag this semester, what with Panda Express lowest-common-denomenator cuisine fogging-literally-the air around the Plaza. Now comes a new entry to the West Campus scene: Caribbean Kitchen, a Jamaican food cart.

The $11 for a plate of chicken, however, left some students grumbling on opening day. If you ate at Caribbean Kitchen twice a day during the academic week, the total bill will tip the scales at $1,760-and that's if you drink only tap water, fast on weekends and resist the late-night McDonald's rush all semester long.

Total tab at Panda Express: $880. Plus free fortune cookies.


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