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editor's note

It all began with a T-shirt-an "I heart pro-choice boys" cotton, short sleeve shirt, to be specific. While tabling for new members at the Student Activities Fair, one of us raved about the aforementioned shirts.

As the enthusiastic exclamations of pro-choice-isms continued, the other one of us stood in silence. Awkwardly.

Finally it became too much to bear, and the silent editor declared, with a healthy level of attitude, "You know I'm a Republican, right?"

Obviously some name-calling and candidate-bashing ensued, but eventually we agreed to disagree. And to make fun of the other for having an indefensible position.

So we might be caught up in the election buzz but it hasn't necessarily caught on with the entire student body. Some people have even made a conscientious decision not to follow through with their "civic duty." For a full explanation, check out Shreya Rao's piece starting on page 22.

No election issue would be complete without a full expose on our modern military-industrial complex and how it strangles the arteries of the nation. Not. Towerview is taking a position straight down the center: in favor of students who have served, or who plan to serve, in their nation's military. Ryan Brown has the must-read, starting on 16.

Enough election talk though, right? Here's something you're not tired of yet: Duke football! You probably don't know much about Kevin Jones, the stud punter who is a secret weapon in the Blue Devil arsenal this year. Flip to Tim Britton's story on page 14 for more.

Of course, don't miss the third backpage column celebrating our humble magazine's tenth anniversary year. Math whiz Matt Atwood gives us the rundown on bias on page 28.

Oh, and as for our respective positions on that hot-button issue we mentioned earlier? We're never telling. E-mail if you're dying to know.

You know you love us,

Alexandra Brown + Rob Copeland