Delayed ACES goes smoothly

ACES registration for graduate and professional students went smoothly today, after the schedule was delayed one day due to setup and configuration problems.

Registration windows were originally scheduled to open Wednesday, after the bookbagging period was condensed by a day due to a compatibility error.

Although students have complained about the switch to PeopleSoft, the new software helped speed up the process, University Registrar Bruce Cunningham said. He estimates that registration today took about half the time it took with the old system.

More than 200 registrations were processed in less than a minute Thursday morning, and almost 400 students were enrolled soon afterward, Cunningham said. Half of expected registrants Thursday were enrolled by 8 a.m., he said. Registration windows open at 7 a.m. each morning, and undergraduate registration begins today.

"I'm not sure we'll see quite that same speed tomorrow during the senior window because many more students will be registering at that time, but testing has shown that the processing time should be faster in this system, even in the larger windows," he wrote in an e-mail.

Graduate and Professional Student Council Academic Officer Sara Salahi, a second-year Ph. D. candidate in biomedical engineering, said registration was indeed faster than in the past and was overall glitch-free.

"I've asked people to keep their ears open, but we have not heard any complaints on the graduate and professional level," she said.

Along with the switch to the new software, ACES will no longer require students to enter PINs from their advisers in order to enroll. Instead, students will click "Eligible to Enroll" flags, which are set by advisers and some department officials, Cunningham said.

This year, only students who are undeclared as well as some majors must see their advisers, Cunningham noted.


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