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Celebrating tenth anniversary

Congratulations to the Class of 2012 and welcome back to all you veteran Dukies. As the proud new editors Towerview, we're unbelievably excited you tore past the ValuePak coupons in your mailbox to get this special send-home edition of your favorite on campus magazine.

As we sit here in sweltering Durham, it's exciting to think about all the places TV is being sent: to the sleep-deprived undergrads pulling 18 hour shifts at banks and think tanks along the Eastern seaboard, welcome; to those "lucky" 300 DukeEngage volunteers scattered across the third-world; and to those spending covering the organic chemistry beat and taking classes in the North Carolina heat.

A very special ni-hao goes out to our readers in the People's Republic of China, the subject of our cover feature by Associate Editor Jiajia Zhang, starting on page 16, A native of Beijing, Zhang takes us inside the psyche of the Chinese student at Duke following the high-profile events of last semester and leading up to the Olympic Games in August.

Looking for stories anchored a bit closer to home? TV boasts its fifth annual Ten To Watch issue, dishing out the straight answers to your biggest questions about the coming year. Seniors: Wondering what the job situation looks like for fall? Associate Editor Josh Chapin, soon to be a slab of meat on the festering hiring market, has a rundown on page 22. Engineers: Ready to jump (in a parabola, of course) for joy to celebrate the arrival of a new dean? Don't miss Contributing Writer Casey Dean's article on page 24.

If you've gotten this far you're probably out most eager type of reader, the freshman. For the newest members of the TV family, turn to an exclusive East Campus Edition of Bus Stop, the opening section, It's just a page away and chock full of advice for the wide-eyed members of the Class of 2012. Be sure to flip to page 9 for the answer to how to satisfy those late-night munchies after too much Kool-Aid on the quad? Former (and forever) freshman Kevin Lincoln, a contributing writer, rates the hot-spots. And before drop/ends, consider the "to pre-med or not to pre-med" debate between Contributing Writer Madeline Perez and Associate Editor Shreya Rao on page 11.

The most exciting announcement of all is that this year TV celebrates its tenth anniversary volume! Like the new front page banner we inaugurated for the occasion? Big things are happening as we fete ourselves over the next seven issues. First up: Volume I's editor-in-chief Mary Carmichael, now a senior writer at Newsweek, starts us off with an opine on-wait for it-magazines. And stay tuned for more info on the anniversary festivities in the coming issues.

You know you love us,

Alexandra Brown + Rob Copeland