Reggie Love: Middlebrow, Near-Brilliant

It's been a good few weeks for former Duke football and basketball player Reggie Love, now better known as Barack Obama's body man. In a week where his fellow alumni of Mike Krzyzewski's program are back in Durham for the K Academy (only $10,000 to be a camper, and a portion is tax-deductible!) Love is busy adding to his collection of 10,000 photos on the campaign trail, gearing up for the general election and garnering front-page New York Times stories, like this one from May 27.

But Love, who walked on to Krzyzewski's team as a power forward after signing as a football player, has made it even bigger this week: he's on New York Magazine's Approval Matrix, in one of our favorite positions: closer to brilliant than despicable, nearer to lowbrow than high. That's something we should all strive for, right? Almost brilliantly middlebrow.

We've been trying to get an interview with the Democratic candidate's body man for quite some time, and if you see a front-page story in The Chronicle, you'll know if we've succeeded or not.

--by Ben Cohen


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