New ACES platform to launch in summer 2008

This July, students visiting ACES will be greeted with a different layout and new and improved features for long-range planning.

At their meeting Wednesday, Duke Student Government senators critiqued the revamped Web site, which was presented by University Registrar Bruce Cunningham and Kathy Pfeiffer, director of Student Information Services and Systems. The biggest change to the site is to registration, in which a "Planner" feature will allow students to pull courses directly into their primary bookbag from a comprehensive course catalog.

"The 'Planner' replaces the Long-Range Plan and your alternate bookbag, and the cool thing is you can use this during registration," Pfeiffer said.

With the feature, students will be able to revise their Long-Range Plans at any time, search for classes from the whole University catalog and see when classes are typically offered.

In the new ACES platform, the bookbag feature has been changed to hold more than four courses. In the case of a scheduling conflict in a courseload, students can pull alternate classes straight from the primary bookbag rather than through the catalog during registration.

Additionally, a "What If?" page is included to facilitate four-year planning online. Pfeiffer said the page will allow students to see how their potential majors could fit into their schedule based on courses they have taken and plan to take.

Some senators expressed concern that the "What If?" page may not be helpful for Program II majors. Cunningham, however, said the site could be improved upon to be useful to those students.

In other business:

Junior Sunny Kantha, vice president for athletics and campus services, presented to senators a system to encourage carpooling among undergraduates.

The Carpooling Incentive Program would allow students living off-campus to sign up in groups of four or more for a free parking pass to the left lot of the Blue Zone.

The group will receive 10 day passes per semester to park anywhere in the Blue Zone for days students need to travel independently.

Senators also approved a resolution presented by Kantha to extend breakfast hours at the Great Hall to 10:15 a.m. Kantha said the change will take effect in approximately two weeks.


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