Lange speaks to DSG about Interim Report

Provost Peter Lange updated Duke Student Government representatives Wednesday night about the follow-up to the Interim Report on the Undergraduate Experience released last month.

At the meeting, Lange said the report discusses the advantage selective living groups have over independents in organizing social events. He added that the report also addresses the need for more inter-class living arrangements and social spaces.

"The report doesn't highlight spaces for their own sake," Lange said. "It highlights spaces for the ways they affect the other issues we're interested in. The spaces are a means, they are not an end in themselves."

Lange and Dean of Undergraduate Education Steve Nowicki are in the midst of meeting with students and faculty to gauge feedback to the interim report. Lange said the evaluation of the Campus Culture Initiative Steering Committee Report does not fall under his job description and will soon be handed off to Nowicki.

The interim report focuses in part on bringing social spaces and events out of dormitories, which Lange said are "isolating spaces."

"[We need to] make it more possible for more different things to happen on this campus," he said.

DSG President Paul Slattery, a senior, sent recommendations to Lange addressing the concerns raised in the interim report. In response to a question from DSG Executive Chief of Staff Kevin Troy, a junior, on when Slattery's suggestions could be implemented, Lange said those plans will be considered next Fall.

In other business:

DSG representatives unanimously approved Slattery's appointment of senior Josh Kazdin to the position of DSG liason for undergraduate research.

Kazdin said he has been working on creating a searchable online database that would include lists of research projects, funding opportunities for undergraduates and professors' areas of research for a few years now.

He added that this temporary position will give him greater leverage to push for a streamlined process for undergraduates to engage in research.

"This is not necessarily forever... but for this year in particular we're having a push on this," Slattery said.


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