New page integrates group sites

Amidst concerns of a lack of communication portals on campus, a new Web site strives to cover all student organizations at a single address:

The Student Link Web site was initiated by junior Andrew Tutt, the Duke Student Government webmaster, as a go-to site for important information about student organizations on campus, Tutt said.

He added that the site is based off the dynamic linking model used by facilitates site navigation through the use of hyperlinks-and allows anyone with an account to create and edit pages.

The idea for a comprehensive site originated from students and was quickly supported by University administrators, said Steve Nowicki, dean of undergraduate education.

"We know we need to improve communication on a number of fronts," he said. "There was no need to wring hands over this."

Tutt said the ability to create and update pages without needing to seek permission from the Office of Information Technology makes it easy for student groups to keep their Web pages up to date.

"The big problem with Web sites at Duke is they're very difficult to maintain because, for whatever reason, students don't choose to go to OIT and pass along Web site permissions [from year to year]," he said.

Although Tutt said he hopes Student Link will eventually include all student groups, the site currently features only major organizations-DSG, Campus Council, Duke University Union, the Undergraduate Publications Board, the Student Organizations Finance Committee and the Community Service Center.

DSG President Paul Slattery, a senior, said the site makes it simple for smaller groups without a webmaster to post information online.

Any student can create an account and a new page on the Web site, Tutt said, although only 20 accounts have been created so far.


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