The Sophomore Class Council recently expanded its membership to help enhance the second-year experience at Duke.

Last Spring, one representative from each of the 14 East Campus dormitories was elected by respective residents to serve on the council.

"Our hope is that with [these representatives], the Sophomore Class Council will be better prepared to address the concerns and needs of true importance to second-year students," junior Kendall Dabaghi, last year's Sophomore Class Council president, wrote in an e-mail.

Sophomore Render Braswell, current Sophomore Class Council president, said one of the representatives' primary responsibilities is to organize reunions for their respective freshman dorms.

Braswell added that he is unsure how often these events will be held.

"It creates a broader representation of the student body," Braswell said of the council's expansion. "When you're truly trying to represent what the class wants, the more students you have making these decisions, the better the outcome will be."

Sophomores are probably the "least targeted" class in terms of programming, Dabaghi said.

The council is currently organizing meetings with Duke Student Government representatives to explore future programming ideas and develop ways to help sophomore students in making both academic and professional decisions, such as picking a major, Braswell said.

He added that the move from East to West was "a big step" as well.

"On East, you could go to your neighbor and ask for a cup of sugar, but on West, everyone is just dispersed," Braswell said.

Randolph Dormitory representative Bruce Reaves, a sophomore, said he plans to host barbecues and other events that "create community" since it is his classmates' first year on West.

Some sophomores, however, said they doubt the need for a cushioned move.

"I don't think the transition from East to West was that difficult," sophomore Michael Kramarz said. "I see a lot of my dorm anyway."

Sophomore Nimit Lad said that because of the ability to block-a system in which students can pick rooms consecutively with friends-he is able to stay in touch with students he lived with from freshman year.

"I don't think that reunions are necessary," he said.

Lad, however, said that Sophomore Class Council events could improve his relationships with "people you know in passing" from East, especially, he said, since there was a limited effort on West to socialize in residential halls.