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Music Review: Kittie

All-girl nu-metal group Kittie's latest album, Funeral for Yesterday, is a pathetic mess. Lead singer Morgan Lander (think a goth version of Courtney Love who was called fat one too many times as a kid) sounds like she lifted her lyrics directly from a depressed eighth grader's book of poetry. Spitting such pseudo-philosophical lyrics as "When you don't know yourself/ It's time to get out of here," and the insightful "Summer dies/ Winter takes its place," Lander screeches and wails atonally over thrashing detuned guitars and pounding double kick drums.

From the first song, "Funeral for Yesterday," which is about being buried alive, to the last song, "The Change," which ends with the fabulously original line "It's time to die/ then rise," you will subject yourself to wretched themes like sleep, night, blood and coldness. Oh, and of course, death. The most entertaining songs on the album are "Breathe," which is about the painstakingly difficult endeavor of trying to get a corpse to fall in love with you, and "Flower of Flesh and Blood," a soulful ditty about killing your lover during sex. By the time you actually finish the album-assuming you haven't turned it off before the end -you will want to die. Or at least you'll wish Lander would just hurry up and end it all herself.


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