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Music Review: Kevin Federline

Just as we look back with awe and fascination at ancient pyramids, those of the future will be enthralled when they experience Playing With Fire, Kevin Federline's diamond-quality debut album. A gifted lyricist, Federline delivers, with clarity and passion, lines such as "Hand your ass to you in a basket wrapped in plastic" and "I'm loony, all these model chicks wanna do me." The man is, without a doubt, the crown jewel of our modern age.

After a short intro-a montage of critics questioning his ability to rap and to be a good father-K-Fed jumps into a lyrical storm, expressing the despair and frustrations of a man who, bursting with talent and artistic potential, is chained to a has-been wife and her annoying baby.

By far, the album's best track is "Dance with a Pimp," where he asks, politely, if we would like to "dance with a pimp," and informs us that we'll find him "in the VIP holding a blunt."

How good is Playing With Fire? If the pyramid comparison wasn't enough, this should be: his first single, "PopoZao" wasn't even good enough to make the album. In the end, although he's geared up for the No. 1 spot on the Billboard chart, Federline doesn't care. The man explains it himself: "I've got 50 mil, I can do whatever I want."


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