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Students for Academic Freedom

It is with great enthusiasm that the Duke Chapter of Students for Academic Freedom announces its endorsements for several stellar candidates for Duke Student Government. These individuals are all exceptional in their passion, dedication and talent and bring platforms and agendas committed to serving the interests of each and every student on this campus. The candidates we have chosen to endorse possess both tremendous ideas and character.

For the position of president we are endorsing Remington Kendall. In his two years as a student senator Kendall has shown a profound commitment to the students of this campus. He has worked extensively with Common Ground and the Center for Race Relations to foster diversity and understanding and will continue to work with all members of the community to create a truly tolerant and vibrant campus. He is also the only candidate for president with DSG experience and a tangible platform.

For the position of executive vice president we are endorsing Joe Fore. Not enough praise can be said of this phenomenal student leader. Fore is deeply committed to students rights' and has worked admirably during his time in the senate to protect academic freedom for all members of the Duke community. He has tremendous leadership skills. Fore is truly a leader who can be counted on to get things done.

For the position of Vice President of Community interaction we are endorsing Jordan Giordano. His admirable enthusiasm is matched only by his dedicate to improving Duke for all. Giordano's innovative ideas-such as creating an off-campus bus route-distinguish him from the opposition. If elected we will truly make this campus more responsive to our needs and rights as students.

We would also like to endorse David Melton for Athletics and Campus Services and Ryan Strasser for Student Affairs.

Stephen Miller

Trinity '07

President, SAF


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