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Letter: SAE section thrives as it entertains independents

In response to Monday's article regarding Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity, we couldn't agree more with the piece's main point. Yes, we can affirm that SAE does still have a presence on campus. We should know--we live in House G (Crowell Quad), a sort of "pseudosection."

SAE not only continues but thrives here on the third floor, bringing along with them all the benefits associated with such a group, such as the drunken female callers (side note: Thanks to the imbibed girl screaming to the third floor for her boyfriend to let her inside on Saturday at exactly 4:26 a.m. Those of us who had to be up around 8:30 a.m. appreciated those 20 minutes) and live entertainment (the ridiculously loud stereos playing an all too repetitive rotation of songs by Daft Punk, Alabama and Peter Gabriel).

The bonuses of living as an independent block adjacent to the "section" of a dissaffiliated frat are endless: Aroma therapy (beer spills abound and no maintenance on Sunday), increased hallway traction (sticky floors) and superior interior decorative skills (permanent marker writing and spray-paint stains on the walls--all which will cost Crowell house funds.)

Will Brown's statement that "Instead of having a fraternity that is punished, it's the individuals that are punished," is half correct. It's the former frats neighbors that get punished, whether it's a loss of house funds due to a fine for vandalizing the hall or the disrespect of the overworked cleaning/maintenance staff.

So, freshmen guys, rest assured, SAE is still very much an active group here on campus, with numerous activites right here on the Main Quad. Personally, we can't wait until rush begins.


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