Letter: Those against 'Devils for Dole' really just anti-Dole

I find it strange that Bob Conroy and Ian Roth found it fit to criticize the University for allowing an event entitled "Blue Devils for Dole."

There is an organization "Duke Democrats"--does this imply that all of Duke is Democratic? No, it simply means what it expressly states, namely, that these particular individuals are Blue Devils, and they are Democrats.

Similarly, the term "Blue Devils for Dole" cannot be reasonably construed to mean anything more than that these particular members of the Duke community support Elizabeth Dole's campaign for election to the U.S. Senate.

I have not seen any letters from Conroy and Roth decrying the existence of "Duke Allies," an undergraduate student organization "for individuals that are supportive and affirming of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people," or "Duke Progressive Alliance."

I wonder why. Could it be perhaps that their objection is less to the Duke name being applied to a political candidate than it is to the name "Blue Devil" being applied to a candidate whose particular views they do not support?

I think the answer is self-evident.


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