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Letter: Many prereqs for econ courses are unnecessary

If the economics department is willing to put effort into making a switch and checking on prerequisite courses, economics professors should also be willing to put thought into making sure the prerequisites in place are necessary. I am taking my final two courses toward an economics major this semester, and one of those courses is statistics, a prereq for a number of upper-level electives I have already completed. My lack of statistics knowledge did not seem to hurt me at all at the time, and now that I am actually taking statistics it confirms what I already knew: The prereqs for many of my econ electives were irrelevant. I don't have a problem with enforcing prerequisites; after all, that is the whole point of having prereqs. I simply urge the economics department to take a step back during the current revamping process to thoughtfully examine the purpose and utility of each pre-requisite course.


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