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Letter: Confused, naive rant debases true liberals' goals

Jessica Rutter's naive and poorly-thought-out rant makes me embarrassed to call myself a liberal. While the 41 million uninsured Americans grow in number every year, our military spending increases beyond the level of the next nine militaries combined. Meanwhile, our president cuts funding for homeland security because his regressive tax cut leaves no room in the budget.

But does Rutter have any ideas to solve these or any other specific problems? Apparently not. Her message seems to be: hold hands, trust each other and don't trust authority. Then a revolution will somehow come about bringing true democracy. And by the way, don't invade Iraq, even though I offer no peaceful solution to Saddam Hussein, because war is bad.

Such inane thinking allows conservatives to get elected by labeling liberals as out of touch. If, instead, liberals presented rational solutions to the problems that conservatives prefer to ignore, then perhaps they'd actually be elected and be able to change things.


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