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Letter: Athletic programs care about winning, not race

In reference to columnist Nikyatu Jusu, and specifically Jusu's recent comment that "Everything is about race": Everything is not about race.

First, you make the ludicrous assertion that black women somehow have it worse in the dating scene than the rest of us (if I refused to cross racial lines, I'd be sitting at home on Friday nights, too). Now you propose the existence of a vast university conspiracy to keep black football coaches out of the league? Preposterous.

Carl Franks' continued presence as Duke's head coach has nothing to do with his race and everything to do with his contract.

When ex-Indiana basketball head coach Bobby Knight's contract ran out, he was replaced by (gasp!) a black coach. In the world of Division I sports, winning and losing matter, not race. Just look at the facts.

You even go on to make the ridiculous argument that a candidate needs Division I coaching experience in order to have a chance for Division I jobs. Thereby, you say, this leads to an entry barrier for black coaches. According to your logic, there wouldn't just be no black coaches, there would be no new coaches. They would serve, retire and not be replaced because no one else has Division I experience. Please.

If you want to fight for racial equality, why don't you stop being a "black columnist," and just start being a columnist? You'll do yourself and your readers a big favor.


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