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U.S.'s past atrocities show why we are against ICC

Never before have I seen in The Chronicle an editorial like that of Aug. 28's ("Say Nay to the ICC"). I read, "As the United States stands as the clear world superpower, it also responds more often to international cries for help. In the last dozen years alone, America has intervened in...." The Chronicle first mentions Iraq. Possibly The Chronicle hasn't realized that all of American foreign policy isn't benign. Obviously The Chronicle hasn't heard that in the past 12 years, the United States has continued a bombing campaign against Iraq while managing to destroy Iraq's sewage and water treatment systems. And also the United States has denied medicine and chlorine entry into Iraq, resulting in disease and unsanitary conditions. The plan (as shown in a U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency document) was to cause epidemic outbreaks of cholera, hepatitis, typhoid, acute diarrhea, dysentery, measles, diphtheria, pertussis and meningitis. As a result, we have indirectly murdered one million innocent Iraqi people, half of the victims being children. Thus, America is leading the world in biological terrorism. Yes, we had better stay clear of any international court where our foreign policy decisions might be questioned and our human rights violators brought to justice.


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