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Preventing off-campus student access nonsensical

I'm annoyed that my living off campus means that I can't get into any dorms, and I don't think the decision makes much sense. In the Sept. 5 Chronicle story, the director of housing said that not letting me into dorms would encourage community in the quads and on East.

I certainly don't feel part of that community when I swipe my card and the card reader says "rejected," and I'm pretty sure that when I'm on West I'm not actively disturbing any community building.

But Fidelia Thomason, director of Housing Management, explained that by living off-campus I chose not to be part of the residential community. I had previously thought I was just opting for nicer, cheaper housing by living off campus. Apparently not. Either way, the argument "well if you're not living here then you don't get to be part of my community" sounds very much like "if I don't get to be all-time quarterback, I'm going to take my ball and go home." I'm not a fan of either.


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