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Letter: Lack of student opposition to Iraq war disturbing

I am perplexed, frustrated and amazed that there has been no visible agitation against the immense propaganda campaign to wage war on Iraq. This seems to be the first time in the past century in which students are not united and/or vocal in the face of unjust military assertion of force. Where is the demonstration?

Is it simply the case that too many Duke students are smugly complacent in their cozy dorm rooms, watching the corporate news channels, unaware of the obvious realities and repercussions? Or are there just more conservative Duke parents than ever before, who would look unfavorably upon student agitation? Or are we just seeing the residual effects of Reagan-era antiquated ideals upon children of the '80s, apathetic in a world of comfort?

Whatever it is, this lack of voice from those at the age traditionally expected to vocalize is saddening and bewildering. If activism and objection is being orchestrated, I hope to find it and join a constructive movement.


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