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Letter: Keggers can bridge gap between different groups

All of this homophobic/pro-queer back-and-forth has gone on long enough. Bill English wrote a stupid column, and nothing that he said could possibly be construed as intelligent. In an attempt to cover up his passive-aggressive homophobia he stated that it is not that he doesn't like homosexuals, but rather that he just doesn't want to have to deal with what he portrayed as the riotous commotion of Coming Out Week.

Meanwhile, the gay community is actually upset by the comments made in this idiotic attempt at humorous conservatism and is responding with a series of letters to the editor which are serving their cause about as well as their 30 person "kiss-in." The fact is, Duke is not a politically active place, and that is something people are just going to have to live with.

That brings me to the crux of this letter. Instead of debates in The Chronicle, we should have keggers. Seriously, what really is the point of this harsh bickering? It will accomplish nothing. Imagine if the head of the Alliance of Queer Undergraduates at Duke sat down with Big Bad Billy English to discuss things over a few Heinekens--who knows? They might have a few laughs and become great friends. I have approximately three years of fun left, and though I may seem like I am kidding, I am quite serious. Mindless arguing between two distant factions is not the path to a liberal awakening at Duke. Rather, it is exactly what keeps Duke a self-segregated place. So please, for the sake of a peaceful co-existence with all types of minorities, buy a case and share it with someone who otherwise scares you, maybe you'll learn something.


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