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A better selection process

Departing from a long tradition, Head Line Monitor Jeremy Morgan will be accepting applications from students who wish to serve as line monitors for Krzyzewskiville this basketball tenting season. Past head line monitors have generally selected their friends to be line monitors, a most undesirable form of favoritism.

Morgan's system, however, will select line monitors based on their qualifications either as experienced tenters, proven leaders or some combination of the two. This new policy will definitely ensure a more fair and effective selection process and can only improve the quality of the line monitors.

By soliciting applications, Morgan is giving all students a fair shake and an equal chance to be selected as a line monitor based on their substantive qualifications, not based on who their friends are. The new application process could also lead to greater diversity among line monitors, which would be a welcome difference.

Students who in the past were upset with Morgan's selection as head line monitor or bemoaned his lack of experience, should step up now and apply to be line monitor in order to contribute to K-ville. Morgan's tenure has begun well with this innovation, which promises to vastly improve K-ville.


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