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Morgan balances two key positions

This is the second story in a five-part series profiling various student leaders this year.

"I'm good at not making commitments that I can't fill," said Interfraternity Council President, Head First-Year Advisory Counselor Co-Chair and Duke Student Government Head Line Monitor, Jeremy Morgan.

When he assumed his numerous positions last spring, some students questioned Morgan's ability to lead so many organizations. Even administrators expressed uncertainty about Morgan's list of duties. But many are now shocked to find he is proving them wrong.

"Initially, I was very skeptical with Jeremy's three very public and important leadership positions," said Todd Adams, director of the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life. "Thus far, I have not been disappointed."

Morgan, a senior, defends his time commitments by saying they do not compare with his past roles and responsibilities. He was the CFO and CEO of Devils' Delivery Service--a food delivery business--and treasurer and then president of Sigma Nu fraternity. He was employed by IBM during his junior year and just completed an intense internship at Merrill Lynch. At the same time, he is majoring in computer science and economics with a markets and management certificate.

Now, however, the Murphysboro, Ill., native pledges to fully engage himself in extracurricular activities. He has kept himself occupied during freshman orientation as one of the heads of the FAC program. With orientation drawing to an end and new elections occurring for the FAC Board in December, Morgan will only serve as a consultant for the remaining portion of the year and will turn his attention to managing the tent city at Krzyzewskiville.

Morgan has never tented himself, but he is talking to former head line monitors and has pledged to appoint assistants with tenting expertise. He said he has missed only two basketball games, and that he takes being a Cameron Crazie very seriously.

After three years of revisions to the tenting rules, Morgan said he does not anticipate many significant changes for this basketball season with only some "small tweaking" in areas like the walk-up line.

In his role as new IFC president, Morgan said the University is still a "work hard, play hard school" and that the social aspect of fraternities is "not something to be afraid of." He pointed out that the pressure to join a fraternity to benefit from its housing locations has reduced--because all sophomores are now guaranteed housing on West Campus--something he said may actually strengthen greek life.

Morgan expressed excitement about the new Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life as a support system and as a way to foster cooperation among greek umbrella organizations.

He said that since they comprise about half of the student body, IFC, National Panhellenic Council and Panhellenic Council members could work more closely to plan community-building activities and events like Greek Week.

"[Morgan] has remarkable experience pulling together different constituencies and communities like the faculty and administration," Adams said. "He has the ability to look at the long-term... and has a vantage point that is unique."

When Morgan has a moment to relax, he can be found living off campus with other members of Sigma Nu or with his girlfriend and DSG Chief of Staff, Emily Grey. Despite the allegations that Grey had an undue influence on Morgan's selection as Head Line Monitor, Morgan said they do not "have a grand scheme to take over the campus."

Most of all, Morgan said he wants to "prove people wrong," and to some he has already done just that.

"I will tell you that this past spring that I, along with many others, wondered how Jeremy would be able to balance so many leadership positions his senior year," Assistant Dean of Students Ryan Lombardi wrote in an e-mail. "I can tell you from my perspective that he has by far exceeded all of my expectations in his capacity as co-chair of the FAC program."


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