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Photocopier program boosts several funds at University

Although newspaper headlines sometimes boast multi-million dollar gifts, Duke also receives donations through smaller partnerships like the one recently renewed by IKON.

The company each year gives the University proceeds from 39 of the 700 photocopiers it operates on campus.

Jim Wilkerson, director of operations for Duke Stores, said IKON donates the copiers to the University and maintains and provides supplies for them.

IKON does not insist on marking each copier with its name but instead supports the program to establish "good will with Duke," Wilkerson said.

"It saves us a lot of money--around $600,000, which is what the copiers cost," he said.

The money collected by the 39 copiers--located in buildings such as the School of Law, the Divinity School and Duke libraries--is reinvested in Duke through various campus-wide funds, providing about $90,000 to $100,000 each year.

Fifty-five percent of the proceeds go to the Perkins Library fund.

"The library funds are used for two things: new books and preservations," said David Ferriero, vice provost for library affairs.

Three other entities are supported by the program: the law school, which receives about 15 percent, the athletics department, which receives about 20 percent and President Nan Keohane's discretionary fund, which takes about 10 percent. Generally, the money helps fund scholarships and professorships.

The IKON program began 15 1/2 years ago and has raised $1.86 million since then. IKON has provided the University with copiers for 20 years.

Many students said they would use the copiers more if they knew about the program.

"More people should know about this. It looks good for IKON, so why don't they insist on the publicity?" said Jodi Schlesinger, a junior.

"If more students knew that the copiers collect money for the endowments, students may be more inclined to use those copiers," she said.


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