PocketPC 2002 and HP Jornada 565

Currently, the handheld market is divided between units that run the Palm operating system and those that run Microsoft's Windows-Based Pocket PC. PocketPC 2002 is the newest version of PocketPC. Boasting a similar interface as XP, the new operating system is more evolutionary than revolutionary. What makes PocketPC so appealing is that in addition to standard organizer functions (calendar, contacts, to-do list) it features pocket versions of popular software such as Word, Excel, Money and Internet Explorer, and even media player. Your handheld device all of a sudden doesn't seem that much different than a laptop, except for the fact that it fits into your pocket.

We tested Hewlard Packard's new HP Jornada 565, which runs on Pocket PC 2002. Any person looking for a better alternative to Palm should look no further. This little unit is as versatile and user friendly as you can get. Small, light and fast, the 565 runs on an Intel 206 mHZ chip and comes with 32 Megs of expandable RAM. It also features a bright 16-bit color screen that looked awesome when viewing photos. Cool features include true handwriting recognition and even voice recognition! It's expandable too: You can add more RAM, transform it into a digital camera and via an adapter, surf the web or check email via wireless LAN. While those features may be overkill for students just wanting regular organizer functions, those who want a versatile handheld that will stand the test of time should look no further. It's certainly a gadget lover's dream.


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