Kiddie Caché

Okay, so we all know you stopped shopping at Gap Kids in fifth grade. Fortunately, it's never too late to resume some good habits. Kids' clothes are well made, low priced and a super-secret way to find the perfect outfit no one else will have. Case in point:the Gap Kids rugby tee, found in the boys' department. The shirt comes in three preppy color combos, is snug and soft and retails for a fabulous $4.99. At that price, you can stock up on a lifetime supply of schoolgirl chic. Meanwhile, on, the kid's page is scattered with beautiful sweaters that offer a more fitted look. High on our wish list lies the stretch cable cowl-neck in butterscotch. Still expensive at $48, this sweater is for those who want a sleeker sweater for both day and night. The kids' extra large fits snugger than the adults' extra small, but the length of sleeves and body are about the same. Anyone craving a more sophisticated silhouette might want to try the girl's sweater, which also comes in light green and pink--colors way more fun than the standard J.Crew palette of beige, black and blue. Uptown girls, fear not. If you can't bear the mall, hit the boutiques and find T-shirts from Le Petit Bateau. Known for their soft and durable infant wear, Le Petit Bateau expanded their line to include women's T-shirts too. Super snuggly and irresistibly comfortable, Le Petit Bateau can stand alone or under a sweater. Recess gives extra credit to all girls who pair one of their shirts with a long silk skirt and heels as a semi-formal outfit. You can get the tees at Uniquities in Chapel Hill or online at Finally, never underestimate the power of old-school Pajamas. The Spiderman and Superman sleepwear at Wal-Mart can easily rock your wardrobe. Pair with a denim jacket and skirt for classes, or with some sleek black pants and spike heels and for the too-cool-for-your-party effect. Also essential for the Cameron Crazie--basketball tees from the kids' section of the Duke store. The graphics are cuter, and you don't have to wash your shirt five times before it fits. If you're too tall for the kids department, look at some elementary accessories instead. Old Navy's denim studded purse, found in the girl's section, is cute, cheap ($8.50) and goes with anything. Some companies have started marketing fragrances for little kids. Le Petit Prince, a perfume named after the storybook Prince, smells like oranges and freesia. Planet Kid's Moonwater spray is mixed with vanilla, rose and watermelon. Both can be found at Sephora on Franklin Street. Find your inner child from the outside-in, and save tons of money while buying clothes that actually fit. Shopping in a child's section might give you a case of time warp, but it'll also give you something timeless: a unique and fitted wardrobe that's all grown up.


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