Careful what you wish for: Trends

Want to know what to get your best friend/new love/old flame/baby sister/awesome editorial staff for Christmas? Here's a hint: The best gifts are stuff that everyone wants, but no one would buy for themselves. Case in point: the J.Crew leather bra. Available in four juicy colors and perfect for underwear or baring it all, the top comes ready-to-wear, halter style. It's crazy, sexy, cool and also on clearance for a whopping $9.99 at Other fantasy fashions include red driving gloves, perfect for underneath a camel-colored coat or dressing up a little black dress, and the all-purpose corduroy skirt. Get one that skims your knees and don't be afraid of color--Theory's turquoise version, available at Uniquities for $69, is so cute it'll actually make your ass look small. And don't forget to check out H&M. The hot Swedish store sweeping American cities has everything from sharp tweed peacoats to shimmery, bootcut bitch-pants. The Recess favorite? A pink-and-purple handbag with a picture of a horse. The bag reads "Cowgirl since 1877." The price-tag reads $5.50. Can you really go wrong? Stuff it with Stila lip gloss, available at makeup counters worldwide, and you'll be giving yourself instant karma for a whole year. If you're shopping for guys, try a new pair of Oakley sunglasses for the skier dude or surfer boy. While other brands may be trendy right now, Oakley has been running strong for 10 years, and they're not going anywhere by next summer. Sweaters are always a cute idea if you're like a mother to your best guy friend (Banana Republic has some particularly nice ones this season), and there's always the guy who gets a scarf. Make it a good one this year by falling into the Gap--their unique take on New York fashion (read: a slate blue muffler with a taxi cab on the end) is totally adorable. For the label whores out there, go down to Burbury and get it over with. The plaid is still there, and this season, they've also got stripes. How original. Finally, there are always those girls who get their guy underwear. While Recess does not recommend this practice, it does suggest going to WalMart for the ultimate Christmas present: Pick up a pack of undies, grab some Rit dye from the laundry section and tye-dye those tighty-whiteys. It's cheap, it's cute and it's a hell of a lot better than those Santa Claus boxers from the mall.


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