Blue Devil Survivor

our down, hopefully 10 more to go. Duke class of 2000 alumna Kelly Goldsmith has made it through four episodes of the third installment of CBS's hit reality show Survivor, and if things continue to go her way, Goldsmith might actually have a shot at the $1 million cash prize.

Following last night's episode, the Kappa Kappa Gamma alumna and Rancho Santa Fe, Calif., native, is one of 12 remaining contestants still battling the elements and each other in the Kenyan savannah for the big award.

Goldsmith is part of the eight-member Boran tribe, which after two tribal councils has been whittled down to six. The other tribe--Samburo--has also had two of its competitors kicked off in the weekly show-ending voting ritual. Goldsmith, however, has gone relatively unscathed, free of controversy and a stranger to inner-tribe bickering.

The only big scare so far came in the second episode's immunity challenge, when Goldsmith's drinking abilities were put to the test. In the quasi-inhumane task (host Jeff Probst insisted that it was a daily ritual for the natives), the Survivorites had to drink cow's blood.

Though Goldsmith downed her cup like any former sorority social and rush chair ought to, the sociology major was then picked to compete in a chugging run-off: Whomever downs the tall glass of blood first wins immunity. Though determined to repeat her Busch Light-guzzling days, Goldsmith wasn't quite quick enough, losing the drink-off and forcing her team to vote someone off.

At the tribal council (where fire represents life), Goldsmith looked tense. In the first episode and in seasons past, the one who blows an immunity challenge immediately becomes a de facto candidate for cast-off.

But Goldsmith's fellow Boran members looked past her drinking miscue, instead opting for Jessie Camacho, a deputy sheriff from Orlando, Florida, who had been dehydrated and weak since arriving in Africa.

In the other three episodes, the twenty-two year old has been relatively quiet. She has yet to form any alliances that we know about, and perhaps most importantly, has yet to make any enemies.

On the Internet, Goldsmith has already created an impressive fan base. A Yahoo! search returned 12,800 hits for the beautiful behavioral research analyst, who includes weight-lifting, crocheting, and in her words, "manipulating men," as her hobbies.

Goldsmith faithful have been disecting her rZsumZ, which is pretty standard for a Dukie. From high school class president and homecoming queen to National Merit Finalist and the lead role in Duke Players' production of The Crucible her senior year, fans say she fits the Duke sorority girl profile to a tee.

Goldsmith's Kappa sisters--who were kept in the dark about her endeavors during her four month absence--are proud of their big sis, watching the show religiously and hoping she has what it takes to survive.


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