Animal Attraction

Smile, baby!

It's time to rub elbows with the rich and beautiful, time to sip trendy drinks from designer tumblers and time to be reborn as an international fashion sensation. And oh yes, it's time to drop that Duke student IQ down from child prodigy to Prodigy fan. With just a click of a mouse, you can become that man of mystery, that sexy spy known to women everywhere as irresistible. It's time for the Derek Zoolander website.

Besides packing a couple million megabits about the recent film starring Ben Stiller, this site is hilarious. With fake fashion spreads and a hilarious interview with Derek himself (including the choice excerpt, "I like classical music, especially OThe Thong Song' by Sisqo"), is a great site for laughing--and procrastinating. Its best feature? Arguably, the page where you can find your very own international model name. And since the Recess editors have a reputation for being pretty hot (or not), we figured we'd show you our steamy results. Sure they're silly, but trust us, they're way better than our porn star names:

Tim Perzyk: Mitch Blowtorch

Cary Hughes: Perry Rouge

Kelly McVicker: Dark Indierock

Martin Barna: Dorff Petty

Greg Bloom: Floor Strokes

Faran Krentcil: York Sparklehorse

Alex Garinger: Ari Jewel

Lee Bullock: Lina Lee

Meg Lawson: Dove Penn


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