Nintendo Terrorist

Whatever happened to "Kill a Commie for Mommy"?

If you've had enough of the Taliban and your jingoistic urges are keeping you up at night, has a solution: Go after Osama bin Laden yourself.

That's right--you can hunt down the Notorious OBL from the comfort of your dorm room with "Yo Mamma, Osama!" the new shareware video game sure to provide hours of unadulterated pleasure for snipers from one to 92.

The premise is simple: Take your best crack at a bevy of pop-up Osamas who pepper a desert playscape. In Round One, hit Osama anywhere. Do it for the kids! In Round Two, go for the limbs. Don't stop now! In the grand finale, zero in for the kill and blow Osama's head off. Don't you feel better already?

No round of YMO would be complete without sound effects. Score a good hit and hear: "Ohhh, my gowahd. Dare's a hole in Osahmah." Fire the penultimate shot for a nostalgic rallying cry that'd bring a tear to Sub-Zero: "Finnnish him!"

And if you're still not satisfied, whip out your credit card and make a donation to the American Red Cross. Confused? Ironically,'s game is designed to solicit donations for the Sept. 11th Fund. Skilled assassins--those sharpshooters who down all nine bullet-dodging terrorist millionaires--are eligible for a special offer: Receive a free cell phone antenna enhancer for any $1 donation to the ARC.

Next month: Who Wants to Bury a Millionaire?

--By Tim Perzyk


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