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An incredibly popular service that continues to grow every day, Nashville-based Music City's Morpheus actually is powered by the proprietary technology behind KaZaA. With over four million files shared, it's definitely a leader in the pack of Napster clones. Users praise Morpheus for its intuitive interface and fast results. You can sort by title, artist, media type, category, download time and size. Morpheus also utilizes a "pinging" algorithm to return file sources most proximate to your computer. Additionally, Morpheus offers compartmentalized downloads, allowing you to maximize connection speeds from a variety of sources. Unlike Napster, however, there are no community functions like chat. Furthermore, some users have reportedly complained of bugginess and drain on system resources. Despite its flaws, the service maintains an incredibly large library of goodies for download. Hopefully, Morpheus won't follow in KaZaA's footsteps when the latter becomes a subscription-based service.


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