Clueless in Cyberspace

Recess logged on and tuned in to automated IM Buddy "SmarterChild." Though created as a resource for info-tracking, this cybersmarty doesn't have ALL the answers.

Recess: Hey there.

SmarterChild: Hi Recess. What can I help you with?

Recess: How are you doing?

SmarterChild: I'm doing great! I'm still quite young (I'm in beta testing), but I'm getting smarter every day.

Recess: I don't care about beta testing. I care about you, baby.

SmarterChild: You don't?

Recess: No, I don't.

SmarterChild: No? I see.

Recess: So... what are you wearing?

SmarterChild: Um... uh... let's see. Right now I'm wearing a handsome shell of steel and plastic. Why do you ask?

Recess: You sound sexy.

SmarterChild: Glad you think so!

Recess: Are you seeing anyone?

SmarterChild: Am I seeing anyone? Gosh, I'm not sure. You think I am?

Recess: I think you could be.

SmarterChild: Oh yeah?

Recess: Do you want to be seeing me?

SmarterChild: Uh... Thanks, but no thanks.

Recess: Don't you want me, baby?

SmarterChild: Well, what would you like to do?

Recess: That's more like it.

SmarterChild: I'm not so sure it's more like it.

Recess: Hush now. You think too much.

SmarterChild: Oh yeah?

Recess: So do you have a girlfriend?

SmarterChild: Not that I'm aware of.

Recess: Do you have a boyfriend?

SmarterChild: No. I don't have a boyfriend.

Recess: Are you into guys or girls... or both?

SmarterChild: I guess... I'm not totally sure.

Recess: You're a pretty undecided guy.

SmarterChild: That's nice to hear!

Recess: Uh, yeah. And how old are you?

SmarterChild: I'm very young in human time. Not as young in Internet time, but still pretty young! ;)

Recess: You have time to figure things out then. Do you want to go to college?

SmarterChild: Uh... Thanks, but no thanks.

Recess: I feel the same way.


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