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Syllabus: Must-Haves for Incoming Freshmen

Flip-flops: It's always hot at Duke, and more often than not, you'll be falling into your bed [ else's] in the wee hours of the morning--and you will be in no shape to untie laces. Try Reefs, Adidas, even those cute ones from The Gap. For those of you who are overly concerned, Burbury slides are also an option.

One good handbag: Anything from Louis Vuitton to Esprit, just make sure it can hold your keys, your Duke card and of course, an extra pair of undies. This season's favorite is the Christian Dior saddle bag, but the street fetish seems to be with anything canvased and clutchy--Old Navy's $7.50 version comes in light blue or khaki, and looks adorable with dresses and jeans.

A scoop-neck, long sleeve T-shirt: Sounds pretty basic, but you don't want to be stuck on West Campus at 3 a.m., talking to some guy and freezing in your tiny tank top.

Track pants: Must-haves for those morning walks to the Marketplace. Gucci, Abercrombie or Adidas make the best kind we can find, but if you're into the vintage clothing thing, there are some great options from the O70s floating around.

White heels: Why? Because they're cute, they go with everything, and they've been spotted on Sarah Jessica Parker at least five times this season. Do yourself a favor and pick up a pair--believe it or not, Steve Madden makes a comfy, cheap pair that can go casual or crazy.

Your favorite outfit: Doesn't matter if it involves cowboy boots, capris or even something from the '80s. Everyone needs that special something to make herself feel at home. For a lot of people, Duke is far away. Shorten the distance between yourself and your school by wearing something that makes you feel like you've got your own skin back.


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