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A Note from the Editor

Recess is about arts and entertainment. It's more than a crafty collection of zingers or a lampoon for the crazy and contemporary. It's about commentary, criticism and cultural literacy.

Last year, our team got bigger, and Recess grew up. Jonas Blank braved it alone as the sole editor in chief, and a burgeoning crew of section editors and associates supported him. We tried our damnedest to make you laugh by poking fun at entertainment, and we did our best to make you think by looking closer at the world around us.

This year, our mission remains largely unchanged: to improve again upon an impressive standard (if we may say so ourselves). Keeping fresh and staying current are a dynamic process, and creating Recess is no exception.

As a published team, our evolution has been transparent. Some of you have read along with us from the beginning, and the relationship we've built has helped make Recess stronger. We're honored you're still here as we begin our fourth volume.

For those of you new to Duke, we hope to be an important resource for you in the oft-daunting world of the Gothic Wonderland. Ask your fellow Dukies: Recess travels to the treadmill and is a welcome break from pesky Friday classes. But Recess also digs deeper. We're a thinking bunch at a thinking school, and we know you'd expect nothing less. Last year, we tackled racism in cinema, sexuality in the Triangle and even the weighty future of our campus dining experience.

Looking ahead, we've got a lot on our plate. A year of movies, albums, musicals and more awaits our eagle eyes, and we hope you'll stay tuned for our patented Recess spin. As always, your input makes us better, so don't hesitate to let us know what makes you cackle or puts you in fits. A magazine is only as good as its readership, and we think that says a lot for us.


Tim Perzyk


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