under the sea

It's that time again. The weather is getting hotter, the days are getting longer, and the kids are out of school.

It can only mean one thing: It's time for Disney to release their annual animated film. This year, parents will be dragged to the theater to see Atlantis: The Lost Empire.

Instead of being treated to the memorable characters and big laughs that Disney was once known for (remember Aladdin and The Lion King), adults will suffer through 90 minutes of the same tired formula that's made recent Disney films so forgettable. Kids will be entertained, but don't expect them to come back to the theaters to see it again.

The film's protagonist is a dorky, lanky bookworm named Milo (voiced by Michael J. Fox), whose life is spent in pursuit of finding the lost city of Atlantis. When his research finally pays off, Milo is shipped off on an underwater adventure with a motley crew of typical Disney sidekicks. These characters provide a few humorous moments, but most attempts at comic relief fall short. There's some action, adventure, a few impressive animation sequences and a happy ending (hope I'm not giving too much away).

But it's all been done before. What makes this movie different from other Disney films is the PG rating (it might be too intense for younger kids) and the welcome absence of cute musical numbers. Rather than wasting your time on Atlantis, stay home and rent a Disney classic. Atlantis sinks.


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