Sometimes Recess upsets its readers. In response, we make fun.

"I feel compelled to respond to Martin Barna's May 24 review of Pearl Harbor. The Oracist' references to the Japanese that so insulted Barna's sensibilities were entirely justifiable at that time in history."

Too bad Pearl Harbor is as historically accurate as the 1962 Irish space shuttle landing on the Sun.

"...The fact that it doesn't present a liberalized, politically correct version of America's view of the Japanese during that era should be commended...."

The film doesn't really present any American view of the Japanese--it just treats them as slow-talking, Confucius-sound-a-like simpletons.

"Has Barna's Duke education taught him anything about the atrocities perpetrated by the Japanese during their ruthless conquests preceding and during World War II? ....Perhaps a history course is in order next semester."

Actually, two history courses are in order next semester--Barna is a history major and will be completeing his A.B. with courses in Greek and Afro-Brazilian History. Perhaps the author should take a film appreciation course.


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